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Last Update: 15th August 2016

All results and final championship standings from Matterley are now onlline.

2016 Hampshire Motocross Champions
Congratulations to all our 2016 champions.

MX1 Chris Wratten
MX2 James Moore
2/stroke Jim Webber
Under 23 George Couchtrey
Solo Clubman Bradley Sheath
Solo Vets Steve Wells
Solo Main Chris Wratten
Quad Main Shaun Taylor

No problems to report on, apart from we incurred a fair few accidents, we all wish those riders involved a speedy recovery. Many thanks to all those involved in running the event, once again the Baron and his crew excelled themselves with the entertainment the other side of the rope. The commentary team for their fine banter, they have requested next time could we move the commentary box in the bar !! Had to have a laugh at the rookie class, with mums and dads holding umbrella’s on the start line for the riders. Still they were top entertainment. Well done to the water boys, as without the huge amount of water put down on the track the meeting wouldn’t have run. Yes that was Simon from the Grittenham track who was driving one of the tractors, and yes he did drive his tractor down and back to Grittenham. Thanks to our new Clerk of the Courses, Bob Hewson and Barry New. Thanks to Geoff and all the Marshals and Officials, I thought Geoff looked dashing in his new radio headset. All the people who helped before, during and after the event. To M&S Ambulance services who had a busy day. To all the companies and people who support this event. And finally to Steve Dixon and Peveril Bruce for all their help and understanding.

So what happens now......
We will be shortly be holding a AGM. This is your chance to have some input into the club. Date and Venue will follow shortly. We plan to have a major shake up of the club, not only in officials but in the way the club runs events. More on this will follow. At some point we will hold an awards evening but this is a couple months away yet.

We are also looking at holding a one off meeting in October time, we will be working along side ‘Race result’ as by then a huge upgrade should be ready for our system with the new ‘Active Motor Transponder’. We are working on a deal for a free upgrade to all riders who have one of our transponders to the new one. More on this later.

Don’t believe what you read on facebook and alike,
Keep upright

MARSHAL CLUB. Geoff is back at the helm again this year with the successful Marshal Club. There are many benefits being part of the Marshal Club, if you wish to join then please contact Geoff via email

By joining doesn't mean you have to marshal at every event , but we can never have enough members. As without our Marshalling Club racing won't happen.

MEMBERSHIP. Membership is steady coming in, already had a fair few new faces, so we welcome them. If you haven't re-joined yet and wish to please do it now, forms are on the web site.

MCF LICENCE. Those who have renewed your licence with the MCF would have noticed a fairly hefty price rise with cheapest licence now at £67.50, but all licences now come with personal accident insurance, which is no bad thing. I fully support MCF in this move, and you too should also see the benefit. Please visit the MCF web site, I know insurance isn't the most interesting subject, but you never know what's round the corner.

HMX - Marshal Club - Marshall Raffle

We already have a good number of registered marshals however still need more to register. There will raffles for the marshals throughout the season so not only will you be paid for marshalling you will have a chance of winning a prize. Please support this new venture by registering with our chief marshal Geoff Lawes at or via the Contact page. Get your friends and family who are at the racing to join up now and support the club. Remember, no marshals means no racing. Why not get paid for marshalling this season and get up close to all the race action!

Call Geoff on 07887 794155 if you want to marshal this weekend.

Club Membership

Club Membership for 2016 is now open. All club numbers will be retained until the end of December 2015. So, if you want to keep your old club number you can but make sure you renew before the end of the month.

Also members numbers must be less than 300. Race numbers above 300 are reserved for non-members to avoid confusion with the point scoring system..

Click here to download the membership form in Microsft Word format
Click here to download the membership form in PDF format

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HMX joined the MCF part way through the 2011 season. You will now need a MCF licence to race with Hampshire Motocross Club in 2015. For full details check out the MCF web site to see what benefits you and the club will get. Day licenses will be available but it is recomended you join the MCF as this will save you money in the long run and also reduce the form filling and admin on race day plus it will allow you to ride other MCF events.
The 2015 HMX Champions

Solo Main - Fred Heath
Quad Main - Craig Fisher
Solo Vets - Steve Wells
Quad Vets - Dan McMahon
Solo Clubman - Daniel Umlandt
Solo 2 Stroke - Louis Reid
Solo Under 23 - George Couchtrey
Solo MX2 - Carl Turner
Solo MX1 - Fred Heath

Click here for the latest championship rules and conditions for 2016.
To download the 2016 season membership form, click here.
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