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HMX joined the MCF part way through the 2011 season. You will need a MCF licence to race with Hampshire Motocross Club in 2018. For full details check out the MCF web site to see what benefits you and the club will get. Day licenses will be available but it is recomended you join the MCF as this will save you money in the long run and also reduce the form filling and admin on race day plus it will allow you to ride other MCF events.

Solo Main - Chris Wratten
Solo Vets - Steve Wells
Solo 2 Stroke - Jim Webber
Solo Under 23 - George Couchtrey
Solo MX2 - Danny Harris
Solo MX1 - Chris wratten
Rookies - Oliver Cook
Big Wheel 85's - Austin Wild
Small Wheel 85's - Jacob Ball

The l2atest championship rules and conditionfor 2018 available HMX Rules & Regulations 2018 soon

2018 Membership-Printable Form


Last Updated: 15th October 2018

Next Event - Come try our club meeting at West Meon on 28th October

This next event is a non championship meeting open to all. The track has just had a major re vamp, track changes have been made, more soil and woodchip added, a huge sand section now, jumps re faced even the marshals have had an upgrade with their own booths.

So this is what we do, for everyone.
Timed Practice (minimum time 10mins)
3 leg Motocross race all timed with a display clock so riders know how long the races are.
No long waits in between races, your only 4 races away from your next.
No Marshal to supply.
Free transponder hire (deposit required on the day).
Trophies to sixth place in all classes.
Easy on line booking in via the Web Site.
Pay on the day.
Medical, Catering, Toilets and Trade Stand all on site.

CLASS FOR; SOLO VETS, (40yrs over), ADULT SOLO (15yrs plus), ROOKIE(14yrs to 17yrs), BIG WHEEL 85’S(11yrs to 15yrs), SMALL WHEEL 85’S (9yrs to 12yrs)

NOTE: Those riders who entered the Grittenham meeting may use their entry for the West Meon event. If you do not wish to ride at West Meon then please emali Jamie as soon as possible with you account number and sort code for a refund. If you do require a refund please send your request before 28th October.


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Need a Race Result Active Transponder for this season? You can order yours now online for just £70 which includes the mounting bracket.
These active transponders are zero maintenance and have a lifespan of 5-6 years so save money over hiring one at each event.


HMX Rules & Regulations;
Click here to read all the Rules and Regulations for the coming 2018 season.

2018 Season Calendar;
Click here to see the comfirmed dates and venues for the 2018 season.

HMX Membership 2018;
Click here to download the printable version of the 2018 Membership form.
Click here to complete your 2018 Membership online.

Championship Standings;
All the final championship standings are now available to view.
Each 'dropped' round is identified and highlighted in yellow.

This years AGM will took place on Thursday 19th October, at the Swan Pub in Arlesford, SO24 9AD.
A full report on the discussions and planned changes will be issued soon.
The main changes for next year are the dropping of the shootout classes and replacing with a three race A & B group.
The clubman championship is back for next season, this will be open to solo A & B riders with the exeption of this years top twelve finishers in the Solo Main championship.
The Veterans championship will be seperated into over 40's and over 50's, allthough the class will remain as one Vets class at each event and will not be scored seperately on the day.
Championship Trophies for each class will be awarded down to 12th place at next years presentation evening.
Riders will not drop their lowest score.

Rider Numbers;
Can all riders please ensure that they display the correct number on their bike to correspond with their transponder. Having different numbers is proving a nightmare for the lapscorers checking the results. Any rider that does not comply with the rule will face possible exclusion from the event.

A Lap of The Track ;
Want to see the tracks you will ride with HMX?
There are GoPro laps of all the HMX tracks on the 'Events' page of the website.

Upgraded Transponders;
The club have now secured the new Active Monitor transponder system. Any members that already have the red transponder will receive a free upgrade to the new one. The new transponder also comes with a new mounting bracket. The transponders can be swapped over at the first couple of race meetings. Any riders that no longer wish to ride at the club, the transponders they have will be bought back by the club for 30. Riders that do not own a Race Results transponder, can purchase one from the club for 70 (adults) and 50 (youths). Please note that only Race Results transponders will work at HMX events, so if you own a MyLaps transponder, this will not work. ransponders can be hired on the day.

Keep an eye on the website for further updates.

MARSHAL CLUB. There are many benefits being part of the Marshal Club, if you wish to join then please contact

By joining doesn't mean you have to marshal at every event , but we can never have enough members. As without our Marshalling Club racing won't happen.

MEMBERSHIP. Membership for 2018 is now open.

MCF LICENCE. Those who have renewed your licence with the MCF would have noticed a fairly hefty price rise with cheapest licence now at 67.50, but all licences now come with personal accident insurance, which is no bad thing. I fully support MCF in this move, and you too should also see the benefit. Please visit the MCF web site, I know insurance isn't the most interesting subject, but you never know what's round the corner.

HMX - Marshal Club - Marshall Raffle

We already have a good number of registered marshals however still need more to register. There will raffles for the marshals throughout the season so not only will you be paid for marshalling you will have a chance of winning a prize. Please support this new venture by registering via email to
Get your friends and family who are at the racing to join up now and support the club. Remember, no marshals means no racing. Why not get paid for marshalling this season and get up close to all the race action!


Club Membership

Club Membership for 2018 is now open.

Click here to download the printable version of the 2018 Membership form.
Click here to complete your 2018 Membership online.

Also members numbers must be less than 300. Race numbers above 300 are reserved for non-members to avoid confusion with the point scoring system..

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